Condo Resales

As with any condominium development, The Grand Meridian at Lands’ End will require monthly
assessments to pay for the maintenance of common areas. The assessments also cover the real and projected operating expenses of the property and pay for, among many items, your expanded cable TV, high speed internet, community gas supply for your fireplace and grill, trash pickup, water and sewer service, and the insurance and maintenance of the property in a manner that will enhance property values and meet property owner standards. The insurance policy paid for by the assessments is similar to a Homeowner’s policy and covers 100% replacement cost of the building back to its original structure and design, including each individual unit back to the developer's base grade not including any homeowner’s upgrades. Some of the insurance coverage's a homeowner should consider are personal contents, the upgrades to their unit and personal liability insurance.

1145 Square Feet $155 Per Month
$465 Per Quarter
1365 Square Feet $184 Per Month
$552 Per Quarter
1520 Square Feet $205 Per Month
$615 Per Quarter
1735 Square Feet $234 Per Month
$702 Per Quarter
1760 Square Feet $238 Per Month
$714 Per Quarter

The docks also require day-to-day care and maintenance. AmerenUE charges an annual water usage fee, and there are insurance, electric, water and general maintenance expenses. Lessees will be assessed five (5) cents per month per square foot of the slip that is leased.

EXAMPLE: A 14’ X 40’ slip = $28.00 per month.

PWC assessments are $10.00 per month.

Garage assessments are $12.50 per month.


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